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Gospel Worldwide Understands that Money answers all things!
Finance Builders Department is here to aid you in developing a plan to get the financing you need for doing ministry.
Finance Builders provide the following:
  • Corporation and 501(c)3 setup
  • Fundraising plans
  • Church loans
  • Finance, Credit and Budgeting Education
  • Personal and Business Credit solutions

Lack of funds to do ministry is one of the greatest struggles that churches face today.  Families are drowning in debt with no hope of digging their way out.  Yet both of these conditions are merely symptoms of the underlying problem.  Churches and families need a strong stewardship process that stems from a biblical view of stewardship.  This view must permeate the family and then filter into the church.  However, the church must teach stewardship at all age levels in order to have stewardship lifestyle families.  So, how can a church deal with this issue? 


The Gospel Worldwide seeks to help churches develop such a mindset.  Resources in the areas of family money management, church budgeting and stewardship promotion are available.  Also available is help in the area of stewardship team development and training for church treasurers.

Churches also face the issue of adequately compensating their church staff.  They need to see that, in addition to salary and housing, a staff member has adequate insurance and retirement. Church tax issues are also an issue in today’s legal climate.  These issues are addressed through seminars and consultation with the GuideStone Representative listed on this page.


A balanced stewardship program can become part of a church’s fabric through consultation, materials and practical seminars led by GWW specialists and consultants.  Many of the ways GWW can assist churches with training, consultations and materials are available through the resources or specialists listed on this page. 


Financial Matters Bible Studies

Partners with God
Partners with God is a Bible study that addresses the biblical and practical steps to tithing and grace giving.  The interactive seminar is designed for youth through adults, and is two hours in length.

Successful Living through Lifestyle Stewardship
Learn a biblical understanding of our relationship to God and His possessions.  This Bible study addresses many aspects of life using three concentric circles to discuss the relationship between each facet of life and the believer.



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