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Gospel Worldwide, Inc. is here to help you as a church or ministry to be effective in this world.

Outreach is a noun and means "the extent or length of reaching out.”

 An organization's (Church or ministry) involvement with or providing activities (programs) in the community, esp. in the context of social welfare. Jesus stated that you show that you're my disciple when you have done unto least of these, meaning, feeding the homeless, clothing the naked, basically providing for those who are less fortunate, or in need.

 Outreach is also a verb- which means "reach further than.”  Jesus will for us is to reach farther than just our church four wall.  We are the goodwill ambassadors for Christ and are supposed to show our good works, which glorifies our Father who is in heaven.

Gospel Worldwide, Inc. has developed various programs and partner with other associations and ministries to help you build a holistic ministry that will glorify our Father in Christ.

We have also developed strategies on assimilating these outreach programs to open up a door for relationship with Christ and become a possible member for your church.  Our duties as a Christian is to go make disciples and the outreach programs we developed will help you as a church or ministry to do so. 

These are some of the programs that we offer and continue to grow.  It may click on the various links below to see a full description of these programs 



Entrepreneurship program for both youth and adults

Congregational Wellness Center

Faith life survival and coping skills-includes Celebrate Recovery.  

Men's accountability organization


iMusic Boss is an entertainment career and music business training program for both youth and adults

Local business network

Helping hands

Feeding program

Focus on couples

For married couples in the community

Seminars and courses that interests community needs

Special events

Concerts, parties, plays and other special events

SSL (Spanish 2nd language)

Teaching the Mexican/Hispanic community the language of English

ESL (English 2nd language)

Teaching non-Spanish-speaking people the Spanish-language

Literacy program

Reading and writing program

Health and Fitness wellness Center

Program includes nutrition, fitness, health and more…


Free low-cost daycare service for children or elderly

Teen center

After school and holiday program for teens

Crisis and resource Center

A drop-in center for those in need

Career training

Develop employment skills or retention rate

Athletic program

 Basketball, soccer, and more

 Elderly Care Facility

Seniors that need a home, provide an assisted living facility