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Leadership is a key factor in developing and maintaining healthy churches. 

Gospel Worldwide is committed to helping churches discover, develop and deploy leaders.

One of the biggest need for a church is the need to develop leaders, and ongoing training is challenge for senior pastors and the church. Effective leaders have three things in common: a sense of call from God for their task, an exhibition of Christian character in their lifestyle and a demonstration of competence in their ability to lead and do their ministry.  Spiritual leadership is moving people onto God’s agenda instead of mans, we are to be servant leaders just as Jesus.

Do churches need more leaders in their churches? GWW is a resource for training, consulting and networking churches and their leaders to develop more leaders. Many of the ways GWW can assist churches are found through the resources and specialists found on this site.  We offer many courses, classes, webinars and seminars to equip you for effective leadership.

GWW School of Ministry Offers a full array of courses including ordination for those of a call to the Fivefold Ministry and GWW certificates of completion for leaders that are not ordained but our work in the church. 

 Gospel Worldwide School of Ministry equips leaders in Churches, Non-Profits and Ministries with leadership skills to lead the Body of Christ. Our programs are done in cooperation with the local organism.

We design and conduct on-site training and development in various courses on leadership (leading others to lead people) for Pastors, Prophets, Evangelists, Ministers, Directors of Ministry teams and anyone who serves in a leadership position. All training is Biblically based to equip and empower the leader. Who can this program benefit? 

Anyone involved in ministry that has a role in leadership i.e. pastors, ministers, and Directors of Ministry in Ministry Institutions.

A message to you from Dr. Brian
Many churches are seriously damaged and handicapped by well-meaning men and women who have never learned the principles of leadership. They are expected to lead others by virtue of their calling.  I have personally been a part of several and I promised God that our ministry would be a catalyst on developing strong anointed leaders for the 21st Century Church.

 Most church leaders are realizing that to be effective in the proclamation of the gospel, they need development in leadership and communication skills. We know that there is no course or book on the subject, which can provide a Christian worker with all the information they need to be successful in leading others. However, the principles of leadership can be used as a tool for the glory of God, just as we use the principles of homiletics in preparing effective sermons.

Someone once said, that there are some things that God will bless as a supplement and other things he will curse as a substitute. Leadership Development through the Word is a supplement, a set of tools, for spiritual leaders to use for the growth of the church. God has promised, "Dominion, and the greatness of His kingdom shall be given to the Saints." (Daniel 7:27 KJV)